Saturday, 14 March 2015


Hi all,
Trust you are all well.
Just passing on a message from a friend.


Especially YOU

If you are reading this, it can only mean one thing. You are right here, in my world. I may not have met you before now, and I may never be privileged to meet you ever, yet I will always be here thinking of you.

I know we are different people going different paths, making different choices, having different passions, and using different faces but I can bet we are still the same specie. We are what they call friends, whether near or far, close or distant.

To some I am loved, and to some I am truly cute. To a few I am rare, and to yet a few I am very strange. You might not quite enjoy my style. You might not really like my guts. But I am sure you do mind what I say and how I feel. That alone, is more than I could ever ask for, especially from you.

Before earth happened, I never happened. And before I knew right from wrong, you never happened either in my life. If you did, I know I would not remember since I must have been too busy knowing myself, much less making a lifelong friend as a toddler. Yet it is as if you and I have always been together from day one on earth.

I would not ask for more of anything but I will always ask for love. I would not promise everything but I will truly promise you love. You have been here and there all my life. Most times I was not looking, few times I was not caring, but your eyes always catch my status, and your heart seldom captures my updates.

You are the reason Facebook signed me up. I tweet once a while because I know you are following me all the time, and listening to my voice. I joined Skype because I wanted to really see your face, and meet your gaze finally. When I am not on Google searching for you, I am on Quora asking about you. Sometimes I Ping or do Whatsapp because I hoped that no matter how busy you get, even a little beep or pop will surely remind you of me. I am better, happier, and truer because you cared!.

Where we met, how we met, and why we met would never matter more than what we shared, what we loved, and what we really became because we met. You are my link to the rest of the world. You are my friend someplace beautiful in the earth. You are always here and I do cherish you.

In thanking God for MY BIRTHDAY TODAY, I know it is not all about me, it is also about you. For you are God's way of showing me how vast and precious His thoughts towards me are. So, I celebrate your part in my making and today is SPECIALLY DEDICATED TO YOU. Thank you for giving to my life. The deed for this world is done and being done already. I pray in the next world, we will still meet as friends on the ecstatic and glorious side of eternity.


Your Friend,
Emuze G.O

Monday, 31 March 2014

It can only get better!.....I hope

I did say I wasn't sure when I was going to blog again.
I've been that busy, I only just unpacked the last of my stuffs this last weekend. 
I had to travel to Nigeria as well, very impromptu it wasn't planned but work gracefully gave me some time off so I could go and say goodbye to my granddad. I am back now but to face new challenges....not necessarily bad ones, well I hope. 

This move has been the biggest move of my life so far and I'm not sure if i'm loving it or not.
At this stage of my life, I've lived up north, south east and now I'm in the midlands. 
I must say the midlands has been my least favorite so far. A patient said to me once  "why on earth would you leave lovely Yorkshire and come here" well, welcome to the Midlands, we are all crazy but alright" Brummie accent!.

That's another thing, the brummie accent....jeeeeez its so so complicated. I barely understand what they are saying. Its like scouse accent (Liverpool), not sure which is worse! 
I prefer the South Eastern accent, followed by North Yorkshire and again the Midlands is my least favorite. I don't think I have a choice tho, I only just got here so I'm gonna have to live with it for a while.

I'm loving the warmer weather tho and the affordable life. 

Work has been quite stressful. People are so sad. Can't we just all be happy? I mean we spend a fair share of our life at work so why not just enjoy it. 

I'm just going to choose to be happy and blank everyone there....not sure how easy that is with my kinda job.

Well that's my whining for the day done.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Life Life Life

It feels so good typing on my PC again!
Its been ages since I last blogged.
Apologies for the very long absence, I have good reasons for that.
I was down with chest infection, after which my hubby became ill as well.
In the middle of this I got a job and we were planning to move not just houses but cities.
Oh I was planning my dad's 60th birthday party too!
Mehn I feel like a super woman having to deal with all of these.
And my granddad passed on to glory too!
Anyways we've moved now and thankfully hubby just got a job too, so no more weekend husband!
I am grateful to God and I feel so blessed too.

It feels nice to be back online.
I feel like I am in a different country in this new place, I was in a very civilized place before but now.......I feel like I am in a new country......the kinda people around here don't seem to care very much.
I was walking to work today and two cars stopped in the middle of the road having a chat!
And there were cars behind both of them beeping and trying to get pass and they just didn't move.
Seems like a normal scene on Nigerian roads but trust me I am not in Nigeria.
I couldn't help but chuckle and pray that God gives me the grace to live in this place.

On the plus side, I look forward to exploring this area.
I miss the fact that I can speak Yoruba anywhere in my old but here there are loads more Nigerians about so no hiding place!
There are loads of Nigerian events too.....I really can't wait.

I am still getting used to work so I might not blog as frequent as I want.

See you soonest

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Are Nigerians Unfair on President Jonathan?......

I was sat quietly with my dinner tonight with the TV on in the background and I stumbled over this program on Ben TV, POLITRIKS with Ogundamisi and two other guys,One is for Jonathan and One against.
Loads of people have been calling and expressing their views.
People were saying if you can't take the heat in the kitchen get out of the kitchen. So basically he got to be the president by luck and not that he merited it. Also he is inexperienced for the office of the President, that his wife is more assertive than he is.

People are saying Nigeria is so blessed but people can not manage the resources.
They said he promised so many things but did not deliver any of his promises. Things like tackling corruption and electricity in 2 year. So He has not been accountable and taking responsibility.

Ok me I don't know too much about politics but I know is that during  Obasanjo's regime, he  had a hold of his government, It was when he was in power that we had GSM in Nigeria. He brought biz!
 He told GSM to come and invest  that he will give  them 3 year tax free, well did it work?
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